After every holiday there is home. My space to relax and plan for next trips, holidays, adventures. I love planning. It seems there are always places to visit, things to do, countries, cities, landscapes to explore. Well, I followed an education in tourism management long time ago and it paid off so far. I love traveling, exploring, meeting people getting to know and respect cultures and most of all, I love to use all my senses and try to never forget what I see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Exciting the senses at home bring back memories. Looking back at my pictures, hearing certain music or songs, the smell of spices or coffee, having dinner at a restaurant.

But home is not just a house with only memories. Home is also a nice country with lovely places to explore. A bit less exotic, but ok. Let's talk about home. The Netherlands. Small country in western Europe, flat, green, partly below sea level, with a rich history. Me, I love our cities for the great history, the nice buildings and the fact that there is always something going on. I also love the tulips in Spring, the befriended enemy called North Sea, the country side, the islands in the north...

Spring in Holland
It is Spring time. Slowly the world around me is waking up. I love this time of year. Everything is new. The flowers we are world famous for start blooming, the fruit trees blossom, the beach tents are build up again for a new, hopefully warm and sunny Summer season. Well, warm... that isnrelative of courde. We Dutch already sit outside in the sun (ok, behind a screen of glass) when temperatures reach about 15 degrees Celcius (59F).

I simply love to see the bright colours of the flowers appear again. With the tulips coming up and the fruit trees blossoming, I feel the energy of nature. I want to enjoy every second of sun, smell the fresh air, feel the warmth on my face, hear the sound of the birds building nests. I live in a very urban area on the west coast, but still all these things I can find around me. I simply walk through the parks and along canals like I am on holiday in my own town.

Spring breathes new life in the world around us.

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