The Waddeneilanden, the islands North of The Netherlands in the Waddensea. It is an natural Unesco World Heritage Site (WHS) and I really love the places. In the Dutch part (there is also a German and Danish part) there are 5 inhabited and 3 uninhabited islands. I have been to Texel before, the largest island, and have now visited Schiermonnikoog for a weekend.

"Ein Volkswagen, mit dem Sie überall zu Hause sind'"- official VW Helsinki T2 sales brochure 1972

A dream for a long, long time. I always wanted to tour in one of these little oldtimer camper vans. A few months ago I heard of a small company in the South of the Netherlands 'Classic Camper Rental (Classic Camper Verhuur)' where they rent them out. Hell, I did not need much time to decide to go for a weekend with such a beauty!

"You can shake the sand from your shoes, but it will never leave your soul."

The Dutch coast. Well over 500km of beaches in a not so very tropical country. We are kind of a delta, where some of the mayor rivers of Europe flow into the North Sea and not to be forgotten, 25% of our country lies below sea level. My house as well. Well, not really. I live on the 3rd floor, so I will be ok. Knowing this, it is easy to imagine how important the coast is for the Dutch. It keeps us safe from the waters.

After every holiday there is home. My space to relax and plan for next trips, holidays, adventures. I love planning. It seems there are always places to visit, things to do, countries, cities, landscapes to explore. Well, I followed an education in tourism management long time ago and it paid off so far. I love traveling, exploring, meeting people getting to know and respect cultures and most of all, I love to use all my senses and try to never forget what I see, hear, smell, taste and feel. Exciting the senses at home bring back memories. Looking back at my pictures, hearing certain music or songs, the smell of spices or coffee, having dinner at a restaurant.

What is it that attracts me in a volcano? After a long thought I think it is the fact that it makes me feel insignificant as a human being. Just one hiccup will be able to delete me from this beautiful planet. I think they show how powerful the earth is. At some point I decided to visit, admire, climb volcanoes in my holidays, together with a similar crazy friend of mine.