2021, Corona rules, unfortunately. Travelling is limited, but I still want to go somewhere. I decide to pack my tent on my bike again and cycle a tour around the province I was born in: Noord Brabant. As a nice song about my province states: life is good in the brabant country. Well, it does sound better in Dutch to be honest ;)

How to plan a holiday in 2020, the year dominated by a pandemic virus? Well, wait until the last moment, pack you gear on your bike and just cycle. Fortunately Germany is still open for travellers, so we start in Groenlo and cycle east.

Walking on water... ...or rather through water, mud and over sandbanks. That is the thing to do on the Wadden. We call hiking the Wadden 'Wadlopen'. Something I wanted to do for a very long time and now finally were able to experience. We start on the mainland next to the pier of the ferry and walk over the sea to the island of Ameland.

Just a weekend in July. The weather forecast is great and makes my cycling/camping blood run through my vessels again. And so I start packing, put the route on my GPS and book a campsite at a farmer. This time I will travel to one of my favorite provinces: Limburg. At the Southernmost point of the Netherlands it is a bit hilly. That is what the Mergellandroute is about. Driving the hills, roughly following the route of the Amstel Gold Race.

"It giet oan" (It goes ahead) - famous frysian words to mark the 11 city tour is going to happen

The "Elfstedentocht" or eleven cities tour is a famous ice skating tour of app. 200km, called "the tour of all tours". It has been held for just 15 times since 1909 and as such is a rare event. It needs at least 15cms of ice on the various canals, rivers and lakes. As soon as it starts freezing, the Dutch people start dreaming of a new version of the race. It is a fever running throuh our veins.