Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!

Hāhālua, or manta, is a large fish swimming in the waters around Hawaii. Wing span can be up to 5 meters of this super friendly pacific manta ray. "They have no real teeth, no stinger, and a harmless disposition. Their only defense is to flee. These huge and gentle creatures feed on a food source of almost all microscopic organisms called plankton, so Manta must work very hard to get this tiny food. At night, light attracts brine shrimp, a form of plankton that rays feed on. Using their cephalic fins like big scoops, they funnel water into their wide-open mouths and filter out these organisms."

Kauai, the first island on our trip, is geologically the oldest of Hawaii's main islands. Our visit starts with a very heavy thunder storm. Due to the long traveling our first day after this crazy night is a lazy one. Get up, organise, shopping for food and driving along the coast to the north. It is cloudy, raining sometimes, but the temperatures are great.

The SAND may brush off
The SALT may wash clean
The TANS may fade

A'ohe pu'u ki'eki'e ke ho'a'o 'ia e pi'i - no cliff is so tall it cannot be climbed.

It was 5 years ago that I decided I wanted to go to Hawaii. Yes of course, volcanoes, what else... well, now the tickets are booked, the cars rented, the hotels arranged and all kinds of media checked out, I know there is much more. There is Aloha!

WOW Air - they bring us to Iceland. And wow, that is nice! The start is great. First we are traveling to Reykjavik and the UNESCO WHS Þingvellir on the edge of the Eurasian and North American Continental plates. A very nice, Troll-like place with an intersting history. On we proceed over unpaved roads to the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Beautifull, empty country with some farms, spectacular waterfalls and volcanoes. We visit small towns, huge granite cliffs, a white sand beach 'Skarðsvik' and climb our first volcanoe of this trip 'Saxhóll'.