Moloka'i, the friendly island and the island of belgian Father Damian. We arrive after a smooth ferry ride from Lahaina, Maui. Along the way we even spotted some humpback whales jumping or just swimming. We have rented a car via some local rental agency suggested by the hotel. They never really confirmed until yesterday evening. The car should be waiting for us in the harbour, with the keys under the mat. Well, let's see... And of course it is there. Probably the car of grandma. An old Toyota Yaris sedan, with some funny seat covers and very basic equipped. The doors open with key only. Hihi... well, it is a small island. We get in, I start the car and push the gas. We both are pushed back in our seats. This old guy has power!

"He ali'i ka 'āina, he kauā ke kanaka." - The land is chief, man is the servant.

Before I came to Hawaii I decided that this would be THE place to do my first helicopter flight ever. I have seen some youtube movies and knew it, this is it. Big Island was the place where it should happen. Possibly over some volcano, hopefully spotting some lava. We booked a flight with Safari Tours for April the 2nd, in the front 2 seats.

That is the question... We booked all nights from our home computers, not knowing where we would get ourselves in to. For cost saving the idea of using airbnb popped up. Airbnb, I heard of it, but have no clue what it is. 'You're staying with people in their homes', my friend said. Well, that can be fun. As long as we are doing this together I don't mind. And so the search for airbnb hosts started. Create an account, let airbnb qualify you as decent and trustworthy (me?) and start searching for nice places. Let me give you some insight in our hosts on Hawaii and the great (yes, absolutely great) time we had so far.

For me, Hawaii is volcano. My main goal of this trip is to see the Kilauea, Halema'uma'u crater and more. Lava, steaming vents, sulphur smell... well, we are on the right island. Big Island, land of Pele, beach boys and... 5 gigantic volcanoes. Mauna Loa even being the biggest volcanomon earth, calculated in mass from the sea floor. It looks like a small hill, but the top is over 4000m high.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!

Hāhālua, or manta, is a large fish swimming in the waters around Hawaii. Wing span can be up to 5 meters of this super friendly pacific manta ray. "They have no real teeth, no stinger, and a harmless disposition. Their only defense is to flee. These huge and gentle creatures feed on a food source of almost all microscopic organisms called plankton, so Manta must work very hard to get this tiny food. At night, light attracts brine shrimp, a form of plankton that rays feed on. Using their cephalic fins like big scoops, they funnel water into their wide-open mouths and filter out these organisms."