The SAND may brush off
The SALT may wash clean
The TANS may fade

People always wonder how they can put more hours in a day, especially when they are having fun. Well, this is about how to put 59 hours in just 2 days and what to do with them. The answer is relatively easy. Travel West as far as you can. We did. The first 32 hours were a bit boring. Fly from Amsterdam to Houston, wait in line for customs, wait some more, get some food, wait some more, take a coffee to stay awake and fly to Vancouver to have some fun.

Vancouver, what a nice city, what a nice people. Yes, I surely could live here. Not that I need to, or want to, but I could. We slept in a nice hotel downtown and got some bicycles to go around with for a few hours. The sea wall, Stanley park. Must see, must do. Cycling, we are Dutch, so we love it. And apart from this road going up en down, it is easy. And the views are nice! Sea, mountains, trees, boats and Spring. Nature is a bit ahead compared to home. The trees are blossoming, beautiful. A man is standing still under a tunnel of Cherry blossom. What does he see, why is he standing still? Meditating? I ask. A very nice conversation follows. He is indeed taking in the beautiful view of the blossom, smells and hears the Spring. We join for a moment.

Stanley park, totem poles in many sizes. Remains of long lost times. Ah yes, time. With a flat tire (yes, also the Dutch get them) we hike back. Leave our bikes at the hotel and walk to Granville Island for some lunch. A lovely market with lots of foodstalls are there to be explored. We explore, eat and have jet another very nice conversation with a Canadian couple. Lovely. But time is pushing. We need to leave, now already. See you back in 3 weeks!

Hop in a plane, travel West some more. In the middle of the Pacific lies our final destination. Kauai... Hawaii.