"Home is where the heart is."

My home is in The Netherlands, but that is my home. Everybody has a home, this website has a home. It is the place to go to restart. My home is where I feel safe and happy. Where I can laugh, cry, sing and dance, shout and be grumpy. Basically where I can be me. With my thoughts and mostly, with my memories of nice places I have visited.

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to travel, to explore, to enjoy adventures. Now, years later, I have visited 6 continents and enjoyed many interesting, challenging, horrible and memorable travels. I have got the opportunity to get to know a bit of other cultures, people, rites, religions. I experienced people with all their nice and less nice characters. And mostly I have learned to love our earth. The beauty of it is unbelievable. I love nature, the fierceness of it. Seas, deserts, mountains, glaciers and most of all, volcanoes. Love them, love them, love them...

Come with me on my trips. Read about some of my adventures and get a sneak preview of some pictures. The rest... the rest is for me ;-)